Product Summary

dormakaba SHIELD hygienic protection glass partitions offer a clean look, while promoting physical distance and protecting customers and workers alike from the spread of germs. 

dormakaba’s SHIELD hygienic glass partitions provide an excellent solution to create safe temporary or permanent barriers in high traffic, face-to-face, areas such as retail counters and reception desks. Plus, its clear aesthetics blend in with any furnishings or decor. SHIELD offers added protection by physically shielding employees from each other and from consumers.

  • Significantly reduce contagion risk
  • Can be a temporary or a permanent fixture
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Less expensive, natural, sustainable and a more permanent alternative to plexiglass acrylic types of partitions
  • Also shield users from other inadvertent contacts

Product Details

Glass has an excellent service life. The smooth surface resists contamination and can easily endure high-frequency cleaning with most cleaning agents without discoloration or surface degradation. Glass is also more resistant to scratches than acrylic or plexiglass resulting in minimal long-term replacement needs. 


Technical Details

MANET fittings are manufactured of stainless steel. For other aluminum anodized models you can choose from available finishes to best match your interior decor.

Cleaning and maintenance
SHIELD partitions are easy to clean and maintain. It can endure high-frequency repeated cleaning using soap and water as well as a host of cleaning and disinfecting agents – all without surface degradation or discoloration.

SHIELD partitions can be permanent or temporary and are assembled and installed quickly.


SHIELD is suitable for public-facing applications including retail stores, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, banks, offices, government institutions, and many others to protect both the employees and customers.



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