Product Summary

In-Ground Swing Door Operator

The powerful ED-IG operator is the perfect solution for automating heavy doors to meet accessibility requirements, while maintaining a clean architectural aesthetic. Features like arched doorways in historic buildings can be updated for accessibility, and all-glass façades retain their clean, seamless appeal. Our industry leading design is the smallest in ground profile available – reducing installation disruption with no compromises in functionality.

  • Smallest in ground profile available
  • Ideal solution to maintain the architectural charm of older buildings
  • Automatic components concealed under the threshold
  • Can be configured as “Low Energy” (A156.19) or “Full Power” (A156.10)
  • Engineered for exterior applications

Product Details

Low Energy (A156.19) or “Full Power” (A156.10)
The ED-IG can function as Low Energy (A156.19) or “Full Power” (A156.10) in both new construction and retrofit applications. Available for single or paired applications, the operator integrates with electrified hardware and access control systems.

Impressive Power – Small Footprint​
The ED-IG automatic operator provides impressive power in an exceptionally compact footprint: at only 35-1/2" Long x 5-7/8" Wide x 4-7/8" Deep, our mounting box is the smallest available, made from galvanized steel and is UL50 rated.

Strong and Smart in the Wind
Exterior swing doors are often exposed to wind loads and pressure differentials that make controlling doors difficult. The ED-IG software recognizes and compensates for wind loads during door opening and closing cycles, making your doors not only safer, but more effective in controlling the building climate.

ED-IG In-Ground Swing Door Operator
ED-IG In-Ground Swing Door Operator

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