Product Summary

QGT200 Series decorative grade 2 tubular locks will enter a discontinued status beginning February 2022. dormakaba commercial hardware will continue to support and service for the foreseeable future for anyone impacted by this announcement.

Look for our NEW Grade 3 series announcement soon.

QGT200 Series

With a solid metal construction, these Grade 2 tubular locksets are available in a variety of functions for all types of interior doors. All locksets are equipped with EasyPass™ and come with the option of a stylized rose for that extra touch.

Opening the door is much easier with EasyPass

This uniquely smart feature allows the door to open with less rotation of the lever. Not only is it more convenient, but EasyPass has greater durability as well. EasyPass provides convenient, easy access, with reduced lever rotation.

  • Mix and match our Grade 2 mechanical locksets suite with other dormakaba interior and exterior hardware products for a consistent look throughout your building

Product Details


Durable, Grade 2 mechanical locks by a leading lock manufacturer

Profit Margins

Affordable price that allows you to add quality hardware to every interior door


Available in popular designs and finishes


EasyPass lever rotation for easier operation

Installation and Application

Round and square corner latch face and strikes for flexible stocking and wider range of applications


Dummy, Passage, Privacy and Entry

Technical Details


  • ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Grade 2 certified and listed
  • ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code (ADA) compliant
  • UL/UL listed for up to 3 hours “A” label doors
  • UL10C/UBC7 positive pressure rated


QGT200 series locksets are ideal for multiple applications:

  • Office Spaces
  • Mixed-Use Facilities
  • Hospital/Medical Facilities
  • Senior/Memory Care Facilities
  • Military and Student Housing
  • Hospitality and Retail

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