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As an exceptional fire prevention and control measure, door closers from dormakaba combine premium design, exceptional build quality and total convenience to ensure a long service life and seamless entry/exit management. From surface-mounted and concealed door closers to floor springs and door closers for interior doors, there is a door solution to meet every requirement.

Use and function

Door closers are an essential component of a door system for commercial and residential buildings, especially when it comes to turning a door into a robust protective element in the event of fire. Door closers are designed to return a door to its closed position after being opened. When combined with an automatic locking system, this helps to ensure that the premises remain secure following entry by authorized personnel. In terms of fire protection, the door closer holds the door in place, helping to form a barrier and slow a potential blaze’s progress. Installing a door closer is simple, as all dormakaba products are designed with convenience and rapid implementation in mind.

What are door closers?

A door closer is a mechanical device fitted to a door in order to control the closing process. It consists of a hydraulic mechanism installed directly on the door frame or the door leaf. When the door is opened, the included spring inside the door closer stores essential energy. Afterwards, the energy is released, thereby automatically closing the door. In other words, there is no need to push the door closed manually.

There are various types of door closers, including hold-open and non-hold-open door closers for interior and exterior doors, with the former engaging its hold-open function once the door is opened beyond a certain angle. This is convenient when permitting access by groups, people with disabilities or individuals with mobility issues, or when moving bulky items into or out of a building. In principle, door closers with a hold-open function are not suitable to be installed on fire doors or smoke protection doors – this is because the door needs to be held shut to create a barrier and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Door closers that are equipped with an electromagnetic hold-open (EMR) as well as an integrated power supply unit and smoke detector are an exception. In the event of fire, these release the hold-open and the door is closed by the door closer.

Overhead door closers are typically found in commercial buildings, e.g. office buildings, while heavy-duty door closers are ideal for industrial premises. Concealed closers help to maintain the streamlined appearance of a building’s main entrance. By choosing a door closer from dormakaba, you can ensure that your building’s doors are secure, reliable and energy-efficient.


At dormakaba, we have an extensive portfolio of door closers to meet your every requirement. Whether you are overseeing a residential building that calls for barrier-free access for residents and guests or operating an industrial site where door closers are a must-have for fire control and other safety considerations, our products are a direct response to the current market situation and ever-changing demands of our customers.

  • Overhead door closers are one of the most popular types of door closers available. Ideal for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and other premises with heavy foot traffic, these door closers open the door in a controlled manner while preventing it from slamming shut. At the same time, it ensures that the door remains closed and secure (essential in the event of a fire).
  • Maintain a seamless look for your doors and frames with concealed door closers. Perfect for modern and contemporary interiors due to their ease of installation, this type of door closer is integrated into the door frame or the door leaf itself to render it virtually invisible when the door is opened. Concealed door closers are another popular option.
  • Floor-spring door closers are an excellent option when it comes to opening and closing heavy-duty doors. Offering superior strength and stability, dormakaba floor-spring door closers are smooth and reliable in operation, ensuring that any door remains securely shut after use. This solution is installed under the finished floor level to create a uniform appearance, making it a type of concealed door closer.
  • Slide channel overhead door closers are a popular customer choice, especially when combined with other secure access control solutions from dormakaba. This speed-adjustable door closer works without an external power supply and ensures that doors close automatically and in a controlled manner, thus preventing drafts. After the door closer is installed, it works consistently to improve the safety, security and efficiency of residential and commercial properties.

Key benefits

For door closers and door closer hardware that are easy to install, robust and blend in seamlessly with the overall entry solution, look no further than dormakaba’s portfolio of premium door closers. Benefit from:

  • Unparalleled fire protection for your premises – a door closer establishes a door as an additional barrier to slow a blaze and contain smoke in the event of a fire inside the building
  • Enhanced security – door closers ensure that your doors remain closed and locked when not in use, thus preventing unauthorized access and security breaches
  • Easy-open technology for 100% barrier-free access to buildings and rooms, plus smooth, controlled opening and closing of doors
  • Quality materials that stand up to sustained use, with all products having been subjected to rigorous testing under practical conditions
  • Different types of door closers to meet all requirements (e.g. slide channel door closers, heavy-duty door closers, concealed door closers, scissor door closers, floor spring door closers, transom door closers, free swing door closers etc.)
  • Tamper-resistant designs based on track-arm assemblies plus a built-in backcheck feature to prevent uncontrolled opening of the door
  • Customizable elements including adjustable closing force, closing speed and closing ranges based on the degree to which the door is opened
  • An extensive choice of door leaf widths and weights to match any door type
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – door closers help to minimize the diffusion of warm and cold air, reducing the strain placed on the building’s climate control system
  • A range of stunning finishes, designs, coatings and colors enable you to match your door closers and other door hardware with your door frames, doors and other entry solution elements
  • A wide choice of mounting options, door weights and dimensions, so there is no need to compromise on any aspect of your door closer solution

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