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At dormakaba, we understand the need to help healthcare establishments to create an environment which is secure, hygienic and accessible for the many visitors they welcome daily. This creates a complex list of requirements that our expertise is perfectly suited to fulfil.

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With the need for hygienic solutions at the forefront of healthcare provider’s minds, we know that reducing the spread of germs is essential to customer and public safety. dormakaba have a range of products and solutions to assist with touch free access for hygienic buildings. Existing manual doors can easily be upgraded to automatic access with touchless sensors, contact push pads can be replaced with radar activation or touchless sensors and manual revolving doors can be updated to automatic operation.

A complete product portfolio to meet your healthcare facility needs

Entrance Systems

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As the largest trusted provider in the industry, dormakaba offers the complete range of automatic doors, with sliding, swing, curved, and space-saving operating options, manufactured to the highest standards, and your exact requirements. For instance, by combining swing doors with escape route systems you can provide compliant building security which integrates seamlessly into your building structure. Our hygienic solutions can be incorporated into your entrance systems to create a touch free gateway.

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Electronic access control & data

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With a wide range of visitors and professionals using your hospital 24 hours a day, the need for a comprehensive access control system becomes evident. Our solutions give you the ability to manage time and attendance; reliably steer visitor traffic as only authorised persons are granted access to high security areas as well as comprehensive organisation of escape route security. They can be easily and effectively scaled and implemented for any size of facility and requirements.

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Door Hardware

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By virtue of their function, healthcare facilities have a higher proportion of physically weakened and disabled users coming through their doors than any other type of building. It is therefore crucial that the selected door and access products are the correct grade and quality to comply with healthcare design guidance, in addition to Building Regulations, to enable fire safety, security and ease of access for all. Our door hardware solutions ensure the safety of all visitors to your site as well as their convenience and comfortable passage throughout your building.  

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Mechanical Key Systems 

Our Mechanical Key Systems work hand in hand with our access solutions to enhance security throughout your site. dormakaba holds hundreds of registered patents, which means our keys are not available for retail sale to unauthorised third parties and cannot be copied without proof of ownership. Installing a reliable dormakaba cabinet lock, which works in tangent with these keys, ensures consistency throughout your site and reassurance of a compliant, reliable and secure setup for your hospital.  

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Service & Maintenance

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We understand how critical it is to avoid downtime and loss of access to your facilities. dormakaba offers a range of service plans for preventative maintenance as well as emergency callout for those without a service contract.

We service and repair all brands of automatic door, manual door closers, industrial doors and roller shutters to the latest legislations ensuring your building is secure and your people are safe.

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