Product Summary

Elevate your door's aesthetics and functionality with the dormakaba ITS 96 concealed door closer. Designed for seamless installation within the door leaf and frame, this innovative solution preserves the unblemished appearance of your architectural design while ensuring optimal performance.

Versatility is at the core of the ITS 96, making it suitable for almost every type of door. Whether you're dealing with single or double doors, this door closer offers unmatched flexibility to meet diverse architectural requirements.

Successfully third-party tested to BS EN1154 providing you with peace of mind knowing that it meets stringent quality benchmarks.

CERTIFIRE Approved CF 140, ensuring compliance and adherence to industry standards.

  • Concealed installation
  • Door leaf thickness ≥ 40 mm
  • Adjustable Closing Force
  • Optional hold-open
  • Adjustable latch action
  • Cushioned limit stay
  • Anti-tamper protection

Product Details

Our invisible slide channel door closer system offers an integrated solution for representative doors. With its compact design, it allows for concealed installation within the door and frame, providing a sleek appearance. Experience unparalleled user convenience and a wide range of functions typical of high-quality door closers

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • Unblemished appearance of prestige doors thanks to concealed installation
  • Cam Action mechanism ensures low opening forces, enabling ease of use
  • Universally suitable for single or double doors

Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • Low inventory costs and reduced stocking requirements thanks to streamlined modular system and separate packaging of closer body and slide channel assemblies.
  • Same slide channels and accessories for the ITS 96 EN 2-4 and EN 3-6 models

Beneifts for the installer/fabricator

  • Non-handed system
  • Easy adjustment of the closing strength, closing speed and latch action after installation of the doors

Benefits for the user

  • Optimum protection against vandalism thanks to concealed installation
  • Enhanced user convenience with low opening forces, fully controlled reliable closing and adjustable latch action
dormakaba ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer
dormakaba ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer
dormakaba ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer

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