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Dorma TS 73 EMF Door Closer

The Dorma TS 73 EMF is a combination of hydraulic door closer and electromagnetic hold-open unit. In conjunction with a smoke detection system, the TS 73 EMF can be used as a hold open system for fire and smoke check doors.


Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.


Product details

The proven solution for controlled detection of fire and smoke protection

In conjunction with a smoke detection system (Dorma RMZ) the TS 73 EMF is used as a hold-open device and door closer for fire and smoke protection doors. Upon fire or smoke being detected by a separate connected external device and power is cut from the TS 73 EMF the electro hydraulic hold open disengages and the door is then securely closed by the door closer.

Free Swing - Open doors with ease and no resistance

Equipped with a free swing arm assembly the TS 73 EMF can also be used where doors are required to operate normally – functioning in the same way as doors without a door closer.  This free swing function is the perfect choice for aged and disability care.