Product Summary

The TS 97 door closer featuring EASY OPEN technology is a very compact surface-mounted door closer. Its small dimensions, uniform length of closer body and slide channel complete in the Contur design make for a convincing style. The dormakaba TS 97 is a sophisticated architectural solution for the sophisticated interior design.


Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Sophisticated style in Contur design
  • EASY OPEN technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Uniform lengths of body and slide channel

Product Details

A perfect combination of form and function

A single-piece cover with internal end caps and uniform lengths of the door closer body and slide channel characterise the impressive design credentials of this product. Like all dormakaba EASY OPEN Cam-action door closers, the TS 97 features the proven heart-shaped cam for maximum user convenience based on minimum opening effort.

Door closer TS 97
Door closer TS 97

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