Product Summary

The RTS 84 transom concealed door closer is ideal for single action security doors, the RTS 84 provides a concealed, versatile, practical and quality assured solution where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. Complete with the choice of two spring strength sizes, hold open and non hold open variants and our wide range of accessories makes the RTS84 the perfect choice for shop fronts, office entries and frameless glass door applications where security is highly important.

  • For single action doors
  • 3° offset spindle for positive closing
  • Door widths up to 850 mm / 1100 mm
  • Wide range of accessories for almost every configuration
  • Concealed in the door frame

Product Details

When door security matters

The RTS 84 overcomes the common problem associated with transom concealed closers and electronic security installations. Combining a 3° offset spindle to the RTS 84 removes the threat of inefficient door closing due to the non positive pressure associated with pivot mechanisms.
Especially designed for single action pivot doors utilizing electronic security, the RTS 84 maintains the aesthetic appearance of the door or floor surface. The majority of preparation can be accomplished by the fabricator prior to installation, leaving minimal on-site work. A complete line of accessories is available to accommodate virtually any door and frame.


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