Product Summary

Door Selectors

Sequence selectors are designed for use on double doors with rebated meeting stiles, overlapping seals or latch mechanisms that require the door leaves to close in the correct sequence.

Door Limiter Stay

The dormakaba overhead door stay has been designed to be used in applications where a traditional door stop/holder is either inappropriate or impractical.

Product Details

Door Sequence Selectors

  • Designed for heavy traffic doorways and entrances where aesthetics are important
  • Non handed for making them suitable for left or right handed doors
  • Fire rated in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905 Part 1: Fire resistant door sets


  • 2180 - 180mm – suits pair of doors to 1800mm

  • 2230 - 230mm – suits pair of doors to 2400mm

  • 2305 - 305mm – suits pair of doors greater than 2400mm, also for use with panic exit devices

Door Limiter Stay

  • The dormakaba Groom door limiter is made from a high-quality aluminium channel, nickel-plated one-piece steel arm, and pressed steel mounting bracket.
  • Specific models for the push and pull side of the door. 


  • Groom Door Limiter Push Side Silver
  • Groom Door Limiter Pull Side Silver
Door Coordinators & Overhead Door Stay
Door Coordinators & Overhead Door Stay

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