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Dorma BTS 75 V Floor Spring

The Dorma BTS 75 V is a highly adaptable floor spring suitable for all standard single, and double action doors with widths up to 1100 mm and 120kg door weight. This floor spring is enhanced by it's adjustable closing force of EN 1-4 individually regulated by means of an adjustment bolt.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • For single- & double-action doors
  • Adjustable spring strength
  • Universal application range
  • Concealed installation
  • Door weights to 120kg

Product details

Universal application range

Whether standard, narrow or wide, whether LH, RH, or single or double-action – the Dorma BTS 75 V door spring is designed for all types of doors. A comprehensive program of accessories ensures that it can be used successfully with a wide variety of door constructions and floor coverings.

Maximum reliability and quality

Thanks to a wide range of functions which can be individually selected to suit different requirements, Dorma BTS 75 V floor springs offer maximum reliability and quality.