Product Summary

The dormakaba privacy door system (PDS) provides unhindered automated access for people with disabilities. The PDS can be fitted to either swing or sliding operators.


  • Simple for users to operate
  • Touchless Option
  • Polycarbonate plates with anti-graffiti coating
  • MLAK option
  • LED indicators with wide viewing angle
  • Braille and tactile signs
  • NCC, AS1428.1 & AS5007 compliant
  • Audible option

Product Details

Easy user activation

A user simply activates the door in one of three ways: Touchless, wave to open or the "push to open" button or with a Master Locksmiths Accessible Key" and once in the rest room they simply wave to lock or press the “push to lock button”. Once the lock function is activated an LED lights externally and internally with a high luminance and glows red indicating the room is occupied or green highlighting the facility is vacant. To exit a user simply needs to wave or press the button “push to open” and egress the room.

Barrier-Free convenience

The PDS system provides unhindered automated access to amenities for people with disabilities and parents with babies or young children. The PDS can be fitted to either swing or sliding door operators depending on the required design application.
The system is completely barrier-free providing ease of open, close and secure, further the actuation back plates include braille to ensure ease of use for the visually impaired. With no exertion required to open or close the door AS1428.1 requirements are met. Also it meets the National Construction Code (NCC) - Access for people with a disability, NCC Braille and tactile signs and Australian Standard AS5007 power doors for pedestrian access and egress, truly makes this system barrier-free.

MLAK (Master Locksmiths Accesible Key)

External Plate MLAK (option) features the dormakaba Prestige Key switch complete with an Australian oval cylinder keyed to the MLAK (Master Locksmiths Access Key).
The MLAK-PDS plate option is an innovative system that enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities that utilise this system. People with a disability are able to purchase a MLAK master key from a member of the Master Locksmiths Association which will automatically open facilities such as accessible toilets and other facilities which are fitted with the dormakaba MLAK-PDS plate. Included on the plate is the Prestige Key switch keyed to the MLAK and stainless steel housed red/ green indicators providing a wide viewing angle and IP67 rating. (205mm H x 230mm W)


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