Product Summary

There is an increasing world-wide trend where businesses seek intelligent, connected options to improve efficiencies and keep costs down. The innovative dormakaba Entrivo Connected Door Solution offers exactly that, together with delivering a unique, reliable and robust approach to the future of automatic doors.
Entrivo makes your dormakaba EL 301 automatic doors cloud-ready so that data can be received and distributed as required.
The Entrivo system helps you know whether your door is functioning normally, how many times it has opened, what time it opened, for how long and our automatic door technicians and agents instantly know when your doors require attention.
The collected data can be used for analytics and predictive maintenance, and using the data combined with your regular service plan, you have the ability to avoid costly out of hours call outs for break downs.

Entrivo is specifically designed for the EL 301 Automatic Door Controller. It mounts inside the fascia of the unit and allows data to be transmitted from the door.

Entrivo data can be incorporated into an existing building interface, or visible via a dormakaba app.

Faster breakdown reaction. Depending on how your system is set up, if we are alerted to a door not working directly by a device, we can send a technician straight away, saving valuable time.

Product Details

With no specialist infrastructure or network requirements, Entrivo connects to new, or existing dormakaba entrance systems to securely expose key performance, operational, and error data for a single door, or your entire network.

Always-on connectivity means critical parameters are monitored in real-time allowing action to be taken immediately in the event of an operational anomaly. Supporting the reliable, available, and safe operation of your doors at all times.

 Unlock the full potential of your door data with our flexible, scalable product options. Access Insights through our intuitive, visually engaging web application, or seamlessly integrate your data into the place that matters to you.

Technical Details

• Know that your entrances are locked and secure when they should be, and open and accessible when they need to be, with real-time monitoring of the door mode and lock status.

• Get alert notifications delivered in real-time and access our troubleshooting guidance where even non-technical staff can take steps to resolve issues without a service technician.

• Inbuilt user management means you’re in full control of who can access door insights for your company.

• No limits on how many users you can enable, and with administration and viewer level access, you can give the right privileges to the right people. 

• View not only a single door, but your entire network of connected doors in a single, centralised dashboard.

• Clear, highly visual, and interactive graphs mean information and data patterns are quick and easy to understand without any specialist knowledge.

• Simple tab-based navigation, interactive door maps, built-in search, advanced filters, and more, means you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter how many automatic doors you have.

• Not much bigger than a pack of cards, our Entrivo IoT connector is simple to install and requires no expensive infrastructure to connect or maintain.

• No limit on the number of Entrivo devices you can connect means you can gain remote, centralised visibility over your entire automatic door install base, no matter how large or geographically spread.


Entrivo - Connected Door Solution

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