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KTV Atrium FLEX All Glass Revolving Door

ATRIUM FLEX is a breakthrough in design with technology:

The world’s first revolving door driven with electromagnetic direct propulsion technology - the dormakaba FLEX Direct Drive.

The extremely thin and silent FLEX Direct Drive enhances the clean, minimalist, all-glass transparent design of ATRIUM FLEX, and made it possible to be installed without floor pits, allowing complete freedom in floor design. Accented with an optional illuminated halo as a hint at the hidden engine, the ATRIUM FLEX is the new benchmark in premium entrances.

  • Super thin made-in-Germany drive with proven electromagnetic propulsion technology, the first and only worldwide for revolving doors
  • Elegant full-glass structure with heatsoaked glazing and minimal framing to ensure optimum transparency and structural reliability
  • Eye-catching timeless design with minimalist illuminated halo for an enduring look
  • High-tech image to the building’s premium Branding
  • Full-glass revolving door with top-mounted drive
  • No floor pit and water drainage preparation needed as with conventional underfloor drives
  • Door can be mounted on finished floors
  • Easier to install and maintain

Product details

  • Intelligent control for safety and user-friendliness
  • No-floor-pit structural design
  • Manual free swing option anytime
  • Unique features due to the gearless, beltless design of the drive technology
  • Minimal wear-and-tear parts
  • Minimal resistance when not powered
  • Recovers easily from stoppages
  • Faster, easier, mistake-proof commissioning
  • Faster, easier troubleshooting/maintenance
  • No need to keep the floor dry, e.g. during cleaning
  • No underfloor maintenance
  • No disruption to usage during maintenance work
  • No need to think about pit size and position

Dimensions (in mm)

Internal diameter(ID):   2000-3000

External diameter:          ID +158

Passage height (PH):    2100-3000

Canopy height:              28 (17.52 laminated glass)

Total Height:                   PH + 84

Advanced German drive technology using innovative magnetic levitation technology, the door panels are directly driven by contactless magnetic fields, instead of conventional belt and gear system, realizing an extremely compact low-wear automation system that delivers quiet motion millions of times over.

Intelligent control system

• Self-learning, plug-in-play controller

• Recovers easily from abnormal situations, such as pushing and obstruction

• Adjustable holding force against wind load

• Choice of Operating Modes by simply plugging in Function Module cards:

-  M: Manual door with speed limitation

-  P: Push-n-Go power-assist

-  S: Servomatic power-assist

-  A: Fully Automatic

• Speed limiting is available in any mode