Crane 2000 Series Revolving Door

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    1/12000 Series Revolving Door with Clad Constructed Wings from Crane

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Product Summary

The Crane 2000 Series door maintains world class style and function and at the same time leaves room to help manage tight construction budgets.

  • Semi-custom door with clad constructed wings
  • Different materials available
  • A, B, C, D and F attachment types
  • Operation modes: manual, automatic, security
Product Details

Different modes of operation
The 2000 Series is available with manual, automatic or security modes of operation, and can be customized with A, B, C, D and F attachment types.

A variety of materials available
The 2000 Series uses fully formed and welded aluminum, stainless steel or bronze construction on the enclosure and canopy, but allows the wings to be clad in stainless steel or bronze over an aluminum subframe.

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