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How to meet the current and future challenges facing airports

In the face of global challenges and ever-changing traveler demands, progressive airports are responding by investing in technological improvements that focus on every step of the passenger journey. At dormakaba, we provide integrated, reliable access solutions that improve the passenger experience – from the moment they enter the terminal to when they exit the airport building.

By enabling a seamless, automated passenger flow, our extensive access portfolio focusses on improving safety and security, optimizing the user experience and increasing the speed and efficiency of airport operations.

Passenger flow and aviation

Our integrated access solutions offer automated, modular systems for almost every touchpoint in the passenger journey. They comply with the highest security standards and system providers, such as CUTE-partners, airline DCS and AODB/ FIDS.

Airport building and infrastructure

Our smart, aesthetically pleasing access systems create inviting, contemporary spaces that leave a lasting impression on visitors in the non-aviation areas of an airport without compromising on safety.

Airport operations area

Our solutions enable customized control and security for different access points in compliance with regulatory requirements in the air operations area (AOA).


Our comprehensive services focus on project planning, specification and implementation as well as maximizing the performance of your building operations.

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Seamless passenger experience at airports

We offer automated, efficient end-to-end solutions that improve the travel experience for airport passengers.

Integrated cutting-edge technology

We automize and improve your passenger flow with innovative biometric technology solutions.

Ease of use and outstanding design

We provide modular, easy-to-use solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality.

Everything from a single source

We provide service on a global scale, ensuring consistency and compatibility.

Holistic consulting

Professional teams of experts provide you with customized solutions and specifications to meet your individual requirements.

Sustainable economic efficiency

We offer solutions that are energy-efficient and save you time and money in the long run.

“Tens of thousands of people pass through Zurich every day. We are subject to the strictest security requirements. dormakaba has been helping us to manage this complex process for decades with innovative access solutions.”
Peter Frei

Peter Frei

Head of Safety & Security Aviation

Solutions at a glance

Spotlight on: Argus Air eGate

How to enable a seamless and touchfree passenger journey?

dormakaba Airports-Argus Air eGates

The new generation automated Argus Air eGates enable a seamless passenger experience that meets the highest security requirements.

Their future-proof, attractive design combines both modularity and integrated biometric technology and ensures a smooth agile passenger flow. The automated eGates can be customized to meet any specific customer needs.

We provide eGates for the following touchpoints
  • Boarding pass control
    Our eGates help airport personnel ensure controlled access to the security area, smoothly and efficiently.

  • Self-boarding
    Automated access to the airplane helps staff to focus on their guests individually and offer a higher standard of service.

  • Access to business lounges
    Automated access to airport lounges takes the pressure off staff, enabling them to offer guests individual support and a higher level of service.

  • Border control
    Secure and efficient passport control ensures clarity, and biometric face recognition helps border officials manage border control swiftly and smoothly.

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