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    1/4ED 100/ED 250 product detail

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  • Swing door operators ED 100/ED 250
  • ED 100/ED 250 product detail
  • ED 100/ED 250 product image
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Product Summary

Tested to 1,000,000 cycles, the ED 100/250 is a robust yet elegant electromechanical swing door operator for various fields of application. The 'Wind Load Control' function is ideal for windy sites compensating for heavy wind loads. Suitable for emergency escape routes as well as use on fire and smoke check doors.

  • Modular design and variable functional range
  • Automatic operation with "Wind Load Control"
  • Suitable for use on emergency escape and fire doors
  • Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
  • ED 100 - Door weights up to 160kg, door widths up to 1100mm
  • ED 250 - Door weights up to 400kg, door widths up to 1600mm
  • New: with integrated smoke detector
  • For single- and double-leaf swing doors
Product Details

Variable functional range
Apart from the extended cover, dormakaba also provides an easy-to-install integrated door coordinator for double-leaf doors. With the aid of the dormakaba Upgrade Card, the system’s functional range may be adapted to various door versions. The large scope of integrated functions further ensures that the majority of possible applications can be readily accommodated. 

Door Closer mode & Automatic mode 
Users may choose between two operating modes: Door Closer and Automatic mode. While set to the Door Closer mode, the ED 100 / ED 250 swing door operator is optimized for manual operation. With its optional Power Assist function, the Door Closer mode is tailored to predominantly manually operated doors where a door closer function is desired. The Automatic mode in turn is especially suitable for mainly automatic access with motion detector or pushbutton actuation. 

Wind load control 
The ED 100 / ED 250 swing door operator is especially suitable for exterior doors that are subjected to varying wind loads and for interior doors separating rooms where different air pressures prevail. While the system is in Automatic mode, the wind load control monitors the actuation speed, keeping it constant at the preset value. 


  • Flexible configuration: Customers only pay for the functions they actually require
  • Inexpensive transportation and easy mounting thanks to the system’s reduced weight
  • Low-noise unit thanks to multi-stage gear
  • Elegant visual appearance: dormakaba Contur design provides for an operator height of only 70 mm
  • Various functions included as standard  

Field of application

  • For single- or double-leaf swing doors
  • The pull version with slide channel and the push version with standard arm are both suitable for use on fire and smoke doors
  • Thanks to its low- and full-energy versions, the system is suitable for automating both rarely and heavily frequented internal and external doors
  • High torque for fully automatic swing doors with radar motion detector actuation
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