Product Summary

dormakaba MotionIQ optimizes the control of automatic swing doors with ED 100, ED 250 and can be used for new as well as existing systems.*

In a large area in front of the door, movements are detected and permanently evaluated. MotionIQ determines the movement vector of people and calculates the ideal opening point as well as the individual hold-open time. This significantly reduces the time the door is left open unnecessarily and reduces energy losses. False openings caused by people standing in front of the door are avoided. Individual hold-open time can save up to 50% energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Detailed information on calculating the potential energy savings can be found here. At the same time, fewer reopenings lead to a longer service life of the door, which increases sustainability.

MotionIQ also simplifies commissioning, as no manual tuning of sensor and drive is required - the system adjusts automatically.

*Building conditions must be checked


  • Significant energy savings
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Timely opening even with fast movement
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Improved safety during use
  • Extended service life of the door system
  • Simplified planning and maintenance
  • No separate setting required
  • Easy retrofitting for ED 100 and ED 250 door systems

Product Details

For the architect and planner

  • Easier planning
  • Improved flows of people
  • Design of intelligent and modern entrances
  • Symmetrical mounting in the middle of the door
  • The doors are open only as long as necessary
  • Area-wide detection instead of mechanical alignment of the detection area
  • The system constantly adapts to user behavior

For the installer

  • Easy installation - align, connect, ready.
  • No readjustment required - even in later operation
  • Easy installation via CAN bus technology

For the operator

  • Reduced operational risk
  • Improved flows of people
  • Saving heating and cooling energy
  • The system constantly adapts to user behavior
  • Longer service life due to fewer reopenings
  • Less maintenance and adjustment required

Your path to efficient doors
Automatic doors can contribute to the energy efficiency of buildingsby reducing the heat loss caused by the opening and closing of doors. The choice of the right automatic door for the respective area of application of the building is particularly important here.
We support you with the Door Efficiency Calculator, which calculates the expected energy demand, annual heating costs and return on investment for different types of doors. This helps you decide on energy-efficient options and shows potential CO2 savings.
Contact us, we will find the right solution together.

Technical Details

MotionIQ for ED 100 / ED 250 new systems and for retrofitting
MotionIQ consists of two components: The M A01 radar sensor withdynamic object measurement and the ED connection board CAN with the MotionIQ Controller.
The M A01 radar sensor detects the movements in front of the door and provides the motion data for the detected objects.
Distance, speed and angle of up to 2 objects in the detection field are reliably detected and transmitted to the MotionIQ Controller transmitted.
The MotionIQ Controller analyzes the movement data transmitted by the motion sensor M A01, checks whether there is an intention to move and calculates the driving parameters for the drive control.
The opening time and the hold-open time are based on probable motion sequences and are recalculated each time. Manual adjustment is not necessary


Motionsensor M A01
The M A01 radar sensor can be used for 1 and 2-leaf door systems.
be used indoors and outdoors. The mounting position is centered above the door system.

ED Connection board CAN
The ED connection board CAN contains the MotionIQ controller and provides the CAN connection for the M A01 sensors. The parameterization is done via the operator interface of the ED drive. In addition to the CAN connection for the M A01 Motionsensors, further connections are available.
The conventional connection board present in the ED is replaced by the ED connection board CAN.

Intelligent Door Control Motion IQ
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