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Quick, affordable upgrade path solutions for Magstripe lock products

Discontinuation Ilco Saflok Magstripe locks

Innovation is at the heart of our company. Providing smart and secure access solutions is the foundation of our business. Our product portfolio is driven by market and technological trends which create added value for our customers.

The evolution of RFID technology and dormakaba’s commitment to offering advanced solutions has rendered this line of magstripe locks obsolete after serving the hospitality, military and multihousing markets since the 1990s.

As a result, dormakaba is providing a dedicated upgrade path for Ilco and Saflok magstripe lock products.

Products available for upgrade:

  • Generation E-760
  • Generation E-770
  • Solitaire Series 710-II
  • MT Mag
  • adese
  • Quantum Mag

dormakaba understands that security, control and accountability are essential for guest safety and efficient operations. You can now consider the many features and benefits of RFID technology that magstripe simply cannot provide, including:

  • Higher security protocol
  • Access keycards will not demagnetize
  • Available mobile access solution
  • Remote guest check-in options
  • Low maintenance
  • Real-time alerts
  • RFID audits staff activity tracking efficiency and performance
  • Integration options

Our Service Commitment

It is also important for us to provide service during an upgrade to RFID. Therefore, customer and technical support for dormakaba magstripe locks currently in the marketplace will continue until March 2024.

An RFID upgrade package is offered for the migration to RFID, including our latest access management software, Community.

To discover our complete line of RFID locks for multifamily facilities, please visit

For RFID product quoting, please contact your dormakaba representative.

All customers with active service agreements will remain covered under the same terms and conditions until expiration. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your agreement, please contact your service plan sales team at 1-877-468-3555.