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Concealed Hardware for Double-Acting Doors

The sophisticated VISUR double-acting pivot system from dormakaba makes it possible to create all-glass double-acting doors without any visible fittings. All hardware components are located in the surrounding structures of the door panel, allowing for discreet presence and easy integration with virtually any design concept.

  • Invisible closing function
  • Max. door panel weight 187 lbs (85 kg)
  • Discreet presence and easy integration
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Tested quality

Product details

Invisible closing function

VISUR uses a concealed overhead closer to operate the closing function invisibly. After each opening action, the concealed closer returns the door reliably to its zero position and its backcheck damping feature prevents excessive opening force from damaging the door leaf.

Unobtrusive design

Because the door fittings are so unobtrusive, architects and specifiers are free to choose any material and any color for the surrounding structures. The transparent door reflects and enhances their design to maximum advantage.

Tested quality

dormakaba products are known for their outstanding quality and VISUR is no exception. Endurance tests have subjected the VISUR double-acting pivot system to 500,000 operating cycles. These tests prove that an all-glass VISUR door will stand up to demanding traffic over time - embodying design and function in perfect transparency.