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Daily Safety Checklist - Swinging Doors

Perform This Safety Check Daily on each Automatic Swinging Door

Activation and Safety


Walk to the door at a normal to moderate pace. The door should start opening when you are about four feet from the door. The door should swing open smoothly and stop without impact. The door should take at least 1.5 seconds to open 80 degrees. The sensor pattern should activate the door no more than 5” from door or, no less than 43" from door, and be almost as wide as the door opening 30" from door. The sensor should be able to detect objects 28" tall. Upon stepping out of the sensor pattern the door should not start to close in less than 1.5 seconds.


Step on the opening mat. The door should swing open smoothly and stop without impact. The door should take at least 1.5 seconds to open 80 degrees. If the door is for 2-way traffic (IN and OUT), then mat activation from swing side should occur at least 55" from the end of the guard rail from the swing side and 43” from the door on the approach side.  There should be no more than 6" of inactive area at the threshold. Walk test all mats by standing for 4 second at several locations to be sure there are no in-appropriate dead spots.

Step through the door onto the "safety" mat or into safety area. The door should remain open. The safety area should extend a full 5" beyond the leading edge of the door in the fully open position. The mat or safety pattern should be no less wide than the door opening minus 5" on each side. If a sensor is used for activation and a mat for safety, the active area of the mat shall extend 5" into the approach area of the door measured from door face or, the door threshold area shall be equipped with an auxiliary safety device or, door closing cycle shall have a 4 second delay after activating area is cleared.

Step out of safety area. The door should remain open for at least 1.5 seconds. The door should then close and stop without impact. The door should close slowly to 10 degrees from fully closed, then noticeably slow down and take at least 1.5 seconds for the final 10 degrees.

Approach the safety side of the door first and then have someone else approach the activating side of the door, as long as you are in safety area of the door it should not open. CAUTION: IF THE SAFETY SENSOR IS NOT WORKING, DOOR MAY SWING AT YOU WITHOUT STOPPING.

Door Hardware

1.  With door open, grasp lock stile of door and attempt to move vertically and horizontally. There should be no looseness in the door pivots or in the connections between door and operator.

2.  Check the mat molding and threshold, it should be complete and secured with all screws tightened.

3.  Check that guide rails or other barriers or separators are present (two per swing door side) and firmly anchored.

4.  Check all door panels for broken or cracked glass.

5.  Check that the fingerguard, if there is one, is secure and in good repair.

6.  If the door is one-way, there should be an Arrow sign on the approach side and an Do Not Enter sign on the other side, both sides will have a Caution Automatic Door sign. If the door is two-way it should have a Caution Automatic Door sign on each side. Each of' these signs should be 58" plus or minus 5" from the floor.

General Area

1.  There should be no bulletin boards, literature racks, merchandise displays, or other attractions in the door area where people could be hit by the door.

2.  Check the door area for tripping or slipping hazards.

If you have questions about any of the above items, please ask our service representative. Safety devices for all doors should be checked by an AAADM certified inspector at least annually.

If you have a problem you cannot correct, turn off the door and contact your local service branch.