Product Summary

Today's residents need an easy way to manage the increased frequency of deliveries and visits from service providers or family and friends. Providing easy access to these temporary visitors is possible with Community’s Resident Visitor Management, which can put access control in the hands of the resident.

Simplify Entry - Send a PIN Code or Mobile Key

Using dormakaba’s BlueSky app, property managers and residents can control access points including perimeter and common areas using a single use Xpress PIN code, or a multiple use PIN code that is date and time specific. Mobile keys can also be generated for interior unit locks.

Residents can provide temporary or recurring visitors access by sending credentials verbally, by text or e-mail with minimal disruption to their busy lives. Residents also have private access history by guest or service provider.


Community Resident Visitor Management requirements:

  • Community software, v2.1 and above
  • Compatible access panel with PIN readers for common areas and access doors
  • Mobile Key functionality 
  • BlueSky mobile app
  • Aurora/Keyscan package


The Community Resident Visitor Management solution is specifically developed for multihousing operations and meets the expectations of today’s residents for simplified access management.

Community enables property managers to manage access throughout the entire property providing security and operational efficiency.

Our new PIN code and mobile key visitor management solution gives property managers the control they need and residents the flexibility they require.

Community provides a flexible software platform suitable for small to large enterprise scale multihousing facilities. Compatible with dormakaba’s brands of electronic locks including Saffire LX, SR Series, Quantum RFID RCU/ECU readers, and multi-floor controller.

Ideal for granting access to: 

  • Food and package deliveries
  • Service providers – cleaners, dog walkers
  • Family and friends
  • Maintenance visits 


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