Product Summary

Uniquely designed for tempered laminated glass doors and heavy, thick, or oversized glass doors, MUNDUS fittings are elegantly shaped with straight edges and rounded corners, made from high quality materials, and finished with precision.

  • Clean design, with no visible fasteners
  • Wide range of finishes and materials
  • Supports glass thickness ranging from 5/16" (8) to 7/8" (22)
  • Max. door panel weight of 440 lbs
  • Suitable for tempered laminated glass (TLG)
  • Adjustable and durable - over 1,000,000 test cycles

Product Details

Freedom of versatility

MUNDUS patch fittings can be adjusted in multiple directions, even after installation:

  • Fast installation, fittings can be adjusted at any time, offering pivot point and flush alignment, as well as zero position.
  • Multi-directional adjustability - left and right as well as around the axis of rotation
  • Glass thickness is adjusted by using screws in the patch fitting body rather than requiring additional gaskets
  • Easy to retrofit and integrate into existing systems

Elegant, sharp design—high quality materials

MUNDUS expands capabilities of patch fitting doors:

  • Increased weight capacity up to 440 lbs.
  • Supporting tempered laminated glass (TLG)
  • Glass thickness can range from 5/16" (8) to 7/8" (22), without changing gaskets

Durable and functional

MUNDUS and tempered laminated glass (TLG) —a combination with impressive advantages:

  • A high level of user safety, even with large glass doors
  • Decreased noise levels enabled by integrating noise-reducing laminate
  • Glass doors as design elements utilizing decorative TLG

Technical Details

More planning freedom and security

  • Seamlessly accepts glass thicknesses ranging from 8 to 22 mm  5/16" (8) to 7/8" (22)
  • Secure use of laminated-safety glass (residual load-bearing capacity, design or sound-insulation film)
  • Glass-door leaf weight up to 440 lbs. (200 kg)
  • Durability: 1,000,000 cycles

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


For indoor and outdoor use, e.g.

  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Shop fronts
  • Office rooms
  • Private residences

Corner fitting MUNDUS

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