Product Summary

Intelligent, economical, and practical solution for reviving aging electronic sliding door systems

Why revive rather than replace? Whether your doors are more than 10 years old, your building usage has changed or you are looking to update to the latest safety standards (new 2017 ANSI 156.10 standard) retrofitting your existing door is an economical solution. The iRevive Slide standard kit includes the motor, control board, power supply, belt return pulley and monitored presence sensor.

  • iRevive technology, meets new ANSI 156.10 standard for monitoring
  • 18-month warranty on the motor control and gear box
  • Improves sliding door performance, safety and reliability
  • Cost-effective alternative to complete door replacement
  • Compatible with Stanley DuraGlide 2-panel SS and 4-panel bi-part, and Horton 2001, 2003, 2500, 2-panel SS and 4-panel bi-part

Product Details

Meet the ANSI standard for monitoring

The 2017 ANSI 156.10 standard requires a “handshake” connection between the presence sensor and the automatic door controller. This closed loop monitoring system ensures that in the event of a presence sensor failure, the door will stop automatic function.

The ESA controller ensures existing sliding doors meet the latest standard without having to replace the entire door. Our controller and the presence sensors are tested and approved by dormakaba engineers to ensure they comply with the 2017 ANSI standard.


dormakaba was the first to design an automatic sliding drive controller that fits within a 4-1/2"-depth header. The ESA low profile allows iRevive Slide to retrofit Stanley DuraGlide 2-panel SS and 4-panel bi-part and Horton 2001, 2003, 2500, 2-panel SS and 4-panel bi-part sliding systems.

Energy efficient

The ESA controller’s energy-efficient design requires less power to operate. The presence sensors allow doors to safely close in a timely manner to maintain temperate interior climates.


Our German engineered ESA controller is designed to easily accommodate door panels weighing as much as 220 pounds.

High torque

The ESA controller features a high torque motor to produce smoother and consistent opening and closing door speed.

iRevive Slide

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