Product Summary

RCI Conekt CMC-2 mobile credentials, utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to enable communication between a smartphone and RCI Conekt mobile-ready readers.

Stored and activated within the Conekt Mobile Wallet App, RCI Conekt mobile credentials work in much the same manner as physical credentials, supporting 26-Bit Wiegand format.

They employ value-add features, such as MAXSecure™, and advanced data protection, such as AES encryption.


  • CMC-2 mobile credentials can be purchased from your preferred distributor in packs of 25
  • Credential files are emailed to each user
  • Credential numbers are entered into access control software to become active

Product Details

  • Mobile credentials remain secure and protected behind password or biometric security of a mobile device
  • Bluetooth low energy operation
  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Contactless operation with RCI CSR BLE 13.56MHz reader series and PCR BLE 125kHz reader series
  • Easy one-time registration
  • Store multiple mobile credentials in Conekt wallet app

Technical Details

  • Up to 15 ft read range
  • Contactless operation with BLE, 13.56MHz readers and BLE 125kHz readers
  • MAXSecure security feature


CMC-2 mobile credentials will function with these readers:

13.56MHz High Frequency:

  • CSR-35L Mobile (BLE/Contactless Smartcard Reader)
  • CSR6.4L Mobile (BLE/Contactless Smartcard Keypad Reader)
  • CSR6.2L Mobile (BLE/Contactless Smartcard Mullion Keypad Reader)

125kHz Standard Frequency:

  • PCR-35L Mobile (BLE/Contactless Smartcard Reader)
  • PCR640L Mobile (BLE/Contactless Smartcard Keypad Reader)
  • PCR620L Mobile (BLE/Contactless Smartcard Mullion Keypad Reader)


These mobile credentials are suitable for use in all applications retail and commercial; industrial; education, healthcare facilities and more.

RCI Conekt Mobile Credentials

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