Product Summary

Keyscan Mobile Credentials is a cloud-based, bluetooth low energy (BLE), electronic credential delivery app that allows access control credentials to be stored and utilized on your mobile device. It is designed to merge security and convenience for user authentication and access at all authorized entry and exit points equipped with Keyscan K-SMART3 series mobile-ready readers throughout a facility.

Available in two types - standard or registered:

K-MOB Standard Keyscan Mobile Credential

  • K-MOB can be purchased from your preferred distributor in packs of 10, 25, 50 and 100. Credential files are emailed to each user. Credential numbers are entered into any version of Keyscan Aurora or Keyscan LUNA software to become active. (one time onboarding process required)

K-BLE Registered Keyscan Mobile Credential

  • K-BLE must be purchased direct from dormakaba in packs of 50 or 100. Using the “RSA key” generated by your Aurora software (version 1.0.16 or later) or Keyscan LUNA (version 1.0 or later) these credentials are pre-programmed to function only with your software platform.

Mobile credentials offer secure convenience:

  • Can be used to augment smart cards, fobs or transmitters allowing a gradual transition from traditional card/fob reader and credential environments
  • iOS users, can utilize widgets to activate their mobile credential
  • iOS users can mark one mobile credential as a ‘favorite’ to save time by automatically being selected when the app is opened and ready to be presented to a K-SMART3 series reader.
  • iOS users can also utilize Siri to voice activate the app. (Requires iOS 13.0 or higher and Shortcuts App)

Product Details

  • Mobile credentials remain secure and protected behind password or biometric security of a mobile device. 
  • Common Keyscan key installed, unique site key is available (contact dormakaba Canada). 
  • Functions with most Keyscan proprietary reader features
  • User can store up to 10 mobile credentials on a single device
  • No manufacturer ‘cloud’ portal account required
  • No BLE activation is required at each K-SMART3 reader
  • Standard Mobile Credentials available through distribution (one-time onboarding process required)
  • Registered mobile credentials (pre-programmed to function only with your software platform). Available direct from dormakaba.
    (Aurora Version 1.0.16 or LUNA Version 1.0 or higher) (internet connectivity and email client set up also required)


Mobile Credentials function within any Keyscan access control environment that equipped with at least one K-SMART3 reader and Keyscan Aurora or Keyscan LUNA software.

Keyscan Mobile Credentials

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