BlueSky App Privacy Policy

BlueSky App Privacy Policy

When you download, activate or use the BlueSky App, we may receive or collect personal information about you and your use, including contact information such as your mobile phone number, last name, and other similar information, and other personal information relating to your use of the BlueSky App for a particular service. When you share personal information with us, you confirm that such information is accurate and will be updated when necessary.

Your personal information will be stored on secure server space maintained by us or by third parties. When we transfer personal information outside the United States or Canada, including to jurisdictions that may not have adequate data protection standards, we will take all measures required under United States and Canada data protection law for such transfers. We use adequate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information against any unauthorized access or use and against accidental loss or destruction.

We may store and use such personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide and support the BlueSky App
  • to process your use of the BlueSky App
  • to measure your use of the BlueSky App
  • to customize and improve the BlueSky App and related services
  • to detect and prevent abuse of the BlueSky App and loss or theft of your Device

In addition, we may use your personal information to provide you with updates and information about our service by email. You may opt out at any time through a link provided in such emails. We may also share personal information with third parties as required for us and third parties to provide the BlueSky App and connected services. We will not sell your data to third parties.

In order to provide the BlueSky App, we will also securely store certain information on your internal mobile device storage, including information indicated above and additional information in order to authenticate your Device such as access rights and IDs. If you do not wish to allow this your only option is to uninstall the BlueSky App from your Device.