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Workforce Solutions Technology & Architecture

To meet the needs of large, complex and distributed workforces, dormakaba Workforce Solutions incorporates technology principles that are open and service-oriented, platform independent, scalable, configurable and easy to deploy globally. More specifically, the dormakaba solutions are:

  • Open and Service-Oriented: dormakaba solutions are based on open architecture, and have proven integration to a variety of leading ERP's, Payroll, Human Resources, General Ledger and other vendor applications.
  • Platform Independent: Designed on the Java Platform (Enterprise Edition specification), our solutions offer support for major operating systems, application servers, and databases.
  • Scalable: dormakaba’s solutions are flexible and can be configured to meet the needs of small, medium, or large workforces.
  • Configurable: dormakaba provides intuitive tools to configure and extend core application functionality, allowing organizations to address unique requirements without expensive customizations or complicated upgrades. Each tool is Web-based and leverages a user-friendly graphical interface.