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Keyscan System VII Software Update

Important note:

Keyscan System VII access control management software will be at End-of-Life on June 30, 2021. After this date, we will no longer sell or support the System VII software.

All System VII customers are encouraged to contact their representatives to learn about dormakaba’s recommended Upgrade Paths and Migration Plans to ensure your Keyscan investment continues to provide you the access control security you’ve come to rely on.

Download important notice & information about Keyscan System VII Software

Download System VII Software Update until June 30, 2021.

If you are a registered user of Keyscan System VII Access Control Management Software with version 7.0.x or later, you may update your current version free of charge. Your present version can be found by selecting About in the Help menu on the Keyscan Client module.

System VII Supported DVRs

Download an up-to-date list of System VII supported DVRs. This list applies only to System VII.

Please note if you are updating to the latest System VII version and your access control system is interfaced with DVRs, you may require drivers from Keyscan. Please contact Keyscan technical support. Telephone numbers are listed at the bottom.

Version Enhancements

Download the version enhancements PDF to review added features, enhancements and modifications Keyscan has made to the latest version of System VII.

Download System VII Update

This is an update only. You must have a previously installed and registered System VII. Click on the link below to download the latest System VII software version. Keyscan recommends the Save option when downloading. If you have a multiple server configuration, you must update each PC that has a Client or Communication Manager so you are running the same version on all PCs. The download may take some time depending on the type of Internet connection, bandwidth restrictions, and volume of web site traffic. You may wish to download after business hours. 

​​​​​​​Download a copy of the Keyscan's end-user license agreement.

Disaster Recovery

The Keyscan Disaster Recovery utility is available on the Keyscan System VII Software CD.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance, call Keyscan at the following numbers from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Eastern Time, Monday to Friday:

  • Toll Free - Canada/USA: 1.888.539.7226
  • Elsewhere: + 905.430.7226