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Software Downloads & Updates

dormakaba has a variety of security and access control products that require or are enhanced by additional software. The following software or software updates are available for download online. For questions or additional software availability contact sales and customer service

Auditcon Software Download

Auditcon software is designed to function with the dormakaba Auditcon keypad and lock solution. Auditcon software requires a license, cable, and e-Key to interact with the keypad/lock.  If you would like further information about the dormakaba Auditcon Series, please contact your dormakaba representative. After you complete the following form you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions and a link gain access to the Auditcon software download.   


LA GARD Software Downloads

LA GARD ComboGard, AuditGard, and Smart Series electronic safe lock software is available for download on their corresponding product pages. To download the LA GARD software please visit the product page linked below and download the software zip files in the dropdown section at the bottom of the page.