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dormakaba Launches an Online Keyless Access Control ROI Calculator for Vacation Rental Managers and Owners

Calculator Measures Potential Savings with Keyless Access Based on Reduced Rekeying, Labor and Other Expenses Connected with Standard Metal Keys

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MONTREAL, QC, CANADA – January 22nd, 2019 - dormakaba, a leader in the global market for access and security solutions, launched its online ROI calculator for the vacation rental industry. The new online tool for vacation rental managers and homeowners estimates the potential return on investment delivered by transitioning from physical keys to online keyless access control.

dormakaba’s keyless access control ROI calculator is easy to use. Vacation rental owners and managers simply enter their estimated number of annual guests, locks, employees and wages per hour to determine the savings in labor costs, operating expenses associated with lost keys and rekeying costs that result from implementing keyless access control. The tool totals a company’s potential monthly and yearly savings and sends an email with detailed results and suggestions.

Based on the 2018 ALOA Locksmith Pricing Survey, it costs an average of $67 for a commercial service call to rekey a door. dormakaba’s Oracode keyless access control electronic door locks are an easy-to-use, secure web-based access system that utilizes time-sensitive codes to manage and record home access without issuing standard keys.

“Keyless access locks can eliminate labor costs associated with front desk personnel, and locksmith rekeying expenses. This savings goes straight to the bottom line,” said Stephen Pollack, dormakaba vice president of marketing. “Our online ROI Calculator shows vacation rental managers and owners how much money they can save by simply updating their locks.”

Oracode keyless access locks have proven durability to last an average of seven years. Oracode is an intelligent, electronic access control system that provides keyless access for temporary users like maintenance and housekeeping contractors, as well as vacation renters, timeshare owners and corporate housing tenants. By employing a time and date-specific code, Oracode eliminates keys and time-consuming access supervision by staff.

“Guest safety and unit security are important,” Pollack said. “So is ease of use and flexible access flexibility for housekeepers and contractors. We created the ROI Calculator to provide managers and owners with an educational resource on how keyless access control can benefit their overall business and bottom line.” 

To evaluate the improvement to your bottom line by replacing standard keys with keyless access control, visit

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dormakaba Oracode, the first access control and locking solution provider to the vacation rental market, leverages more than 35 years of technology. Oracode keyless door locks provide an easy-to-use and secure web-based interface to issue time-sensitive codes for access. dormakaba is one of the top three companies in the global market for access and security solutions. With strong brands such as dorma and kaba in our portfolio, we are a single source for products, solutions, and services related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms. With around 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners, we are active in over 130 countries.

dormakaba is headquartered in Rümlang (Zurich/Switzerland) and generates an annual turnover of over CHF 2 billion. Click here for information on Oracode electronic door locks from dormakaba. 

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