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Ultimate key control combined with high levels of physical security

dormakaba pextra - High security cylinder lock

pextra provides a high level of key control due to the patented branch groove on the key blank. pextra key blanks are not available for retail sale, which provides extra security against unauthorised key copies.

All pextra cylinders have a high level of resistance to picking, bumping and drilling due to a number of anti-drill pins throughout the whole of the cylinder and pinning chambers. This puts them among the most secure small lock cylinders available on the market. 


Product details

  • Key control - high level of key control achieved via international patent protection until 2022.
  • Anti-pick - overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins that protect against picking.
  • Anti-drill - steel security elements in the cylinder housing and barrel to provide anti-drilling protection.
  • Blocking pin - prevents illegal copy keys from operating the cylinder correctly.
  • Hard wearing keys providing long and reliable cylinder operation.
  • Master keying - perfect for creating simple yet sophisticated master key systems, to control access for all users.
  • Can form part of an electronic access control system.
  • Restrictive movement cylinder available to ensure the door is guarded against being locked from within the room.
  • Anti-ligature thumbturn available to combine safety and security.

Surface finishes

As standard:

  • nickel plated (NI = Standard)
  • standard brass (MS)

On request:

  • polished brass (MP)
  • chrome plated (CR)
  • polished chrome plated (CRP)
  • light brown (BH)
  • medium brown (BM)
  • dark brown (BD)
  • Dull chrome (CRM)

  • Six pin cylinder with up to 10 side entry pins plus blocking pin.
  • Up to twelve hardened steel anti drill pins per cylinder and blocking pin where fitted.
  • Patented centring pin (anti-bump)
  • Available in Euro profile, UK Oval, Scandinavian Oval, Swiss Round, Round screw-in, Round Rim, Switch Locks, Cam and Office Furniture Locks and Padlocks.
  • Single cylinder, double cylinder or cylinder and thumbturn
  • BS EN 1303 2005 certified for key related security to grade 6 and for attack resistance to grade 2 for six pin cylinders.
  • Blocking pin detects illegal key copies and prevents the key from being turned in the cylinder.
  • Meets the requirements of BS 3621 and PAS 24 when used with a suitable lockcase or multipoint locking system.
  • Six thumbturn options available; Round, Oval, Architectural, Freedom, Freedom EZ, and Anti-Ligature.
  • Europe Publication no. EP1362153.
  • International patents registered under WO 03/004806
  • Design protection until 2030
  • Finishes - available in nickel and satin brass as standard. 
  • For other non-standard finishes please contact us

dormakaba pextra cylinders are extremely reliable in almost any environment from an air-conditioned office to a remote utility facility or industrial manufacturing site due to the use of high quality components and manufacturing standards.

They can be used as a master keyed cylinder for a large organisation or standard differ/keyed alike cylinder for an individual private house.

Other applications within a wide variety of cylinder sizes and shapes include:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals, GP surgeries, day centres, clinics, etc.
  • Offices, studios, medical practices and similar
  • Apartment complexes and private homes
  • Business and industrial sites
  • Airports, public transport