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ED 100/250LE Frameless Swing Door System

Frameless and visually appealing door system used in conjunction with dormakaba's high quality Low Energy operator ED 100/250LE to form a complete entrance. Using  slender top and bottom rails with toughened glazing to form an ‘all glass’ appearance. Used manually by most with assistance on demand via actuation devices.

  • Surface mounted
  • Frameless pivoted door leaves with top and bottom rails available as pairs of doors or single leaves
  • Manual usage or assistance on demand via push pad or access control
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Optional dormakaba Prosecure safety sensors

Product details


  • Visually appealing ‘all glass’ door system including door leaves
  • ED 100/250LE low energy swing door operator with 70mm cover (tested to 1,000,000 cycles)
  • Bespoke tailored solution to meet your project requirements.
  • Door system fabricated in the UK.
  • 'Project coordinated' by the dormakaba Project’s department
  • Installed and commissioned by dormakaba's highly skilled technicians to meet the requirements of EN 16005 “Power operated pedestrian doorsets. Safety in use. Requirements and test methods

Field of Application

  • Choose between the ED 100LE (suitable for doors up to 100Kg) and the ED 250LE (suitable for doors up to 250Kg)
  • Ideal for, but not limited to, use in Education, healthcare and offices
  • Suitable for use on emergency escape routes
  • Ideal to meet the relative legislative requirements for disabled access in the UK and Ireland

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