Product Summary

MotionIQ is a radar senor that optimises the control of automatic swing doors fitted with dormakaba ED 100, and ED 250 and is suitable for both new and existing installations*

Movements are recorded and constantly evaluated in a large detection field in front of the door. When MotionIQ determines someone wants to pass through the door it calculates for the door system the optimal point in the persons approach to open the door and importantly how long to keep the door open for that person to safely pass through it before the system closes it.  

This significantly reduces the time that the door is open unecessarily and reduces energy losses.  The individual hold-open time can save up to 50% energy and reduce CO₂ emissions. 

Unwanted opening by people standing in front of the door are also avoided, fewer reopenings lead to a longer door lifespan, which increases sustainability.

MotionIQ also simplifies commissioning, as no manual coordination of sensor and drive is required - the system adjusts itself automatically.

* Structural conditions must be considered.

  • Significant energy savings
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions
  • Extended’s door system lifespan
  • Timely opening and closing for every situation.
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Simplified planning and maintenance
  • Easy retrofitting existing ED 100 and ED 250 door systems

Product Details

For the architect and planner

  • Significant energy savings
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions
  • The doors are only open for as long as necessary
  • The system constantly adapts to user behaviour 
  • Symmetrical mounting in the middle of the door
  • Design of intelligent and modern entrances
  • Improved people flows

For the installer


  • Easy installation - align, connect, ready.
  • No readjustment required - even in later operation
  • Easy installation via CAN bus technology

For the building operator

  • Saving on heating and cooling cost
  • Longer product lifespan due to fewer re-openings
  • Less maintenance and adjustments needed
  • The system constantly adapts to user behaviour
  • Reduced operational risk

Your path to efficient doors


Automatic doors can contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing heat loss caused when doors open and close. Choosing the right automatic door for the respective area of use in the building is particularly important.

To aid decision making we have developed in collaboration with renowned specialists our Door Efficiency Calculator, which calculates the expected energy requirements, annual heating costs and the return on investment for different types of automatic doors.  This helps decide on energy efficient options and shows potential CO₂ savings. 

Talk to us and together we will establish the right solution.

Technical Details

MotionIQ for ED 100 / ED 250 new installations and existing upgrade
MotionIQ consists of two components: The radar sensor M A01 with dynamic object measurement and the ED CAN connection board with the MotionIQ controller.

The M A01 radar sensor records movements in front of the door and provides movement data for the detected objects. The distance, speed and angle of approach of up to 2 objects in the detection field are reliably detected and transmitted to the MotionIQ Controller.

The MotionIQ Controller analyses the movement data transmitted by the M A01 radar sensor, checks whether there is an intention to pass through the door and calculates the driving parameters for the drive control.

Probable movement sequences are used as a basis for the opening time and the time the door remains open.   Manual setting is not necessary as the system recalculated each time.


Motion sensor M A01
The M A01 radar sensor can be used on single and double door systems and can be used on internal and external doors.  The mounting position is centrally above the door system. 

ED CAN Connection Board

The ED CAN connection board contains the MotionIQ controller and provides the connection for the M A01 sensors. The parameterisation is done via the operator interface of the ED drive. In addition to the CAN connection for the M A01 Motion sensors, further connections are available.

The conventional connection board present in the ED is replaced by the ED CAN connection board.

Intelligent Door Control Motion IQ
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