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XS Pro Cylinder

The XS Pro Cylinder is a stand-alone access control device for integration into a standard locking cylinder and operation in conjunction with proximity ID cards and transponder fobs.

Provides comprehensive access control when used in conjunction with DORMA MATRIX Professional access control software.

  • Stand-alone access control device
  • Suitable for internal and external access control
  • Wire free
  • Suitable for all common card reading methods
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Networked management with MATRIX Software
  • Tiered security
  • Use with existing door hardware

Product details

Inconspicuous security

Small, discreet, unobtrusive and yet elegant. The wire free XS Pro Cylinder secures both internal and external doors with equal efficiency and is frequently used on prestigious glass partition systems where a cabled access control system would have obvious disadvantages.  Car park barrier systems, locker facilities and IT comms cabinets can also be integrated within the same access control architecture thanks to the capabilities of the XS Pro Cylinder.

Great versatility

Its great versatility allows it to be adapted to wide-ranging requirements – from two-sided security to escape route applications, and water resistance also available.


Presentation of an authorised ID card causes the XS Pro Cylinder to light up green and engage, thus enabling it to be turned like a key to unlock the door or other barrier. Presentation of an unauthorised ID device causes the LED to signal red, leaving the XS Pro Cylinder in its disengaged state with the door or other barrier remaining locked.

The XS Cylinder Pro can meet different demands:

  • One-sided access control, e.g. for an office door
  • Two-sided access control, e.g. a corridor
  • Security of doors to be opened from one side, e.g. at barriers and garages
  • Security of glass doors

Harsh environment

High protection and temperature range for outdoor installation.


The VDS version provides protection against mechanical attack and electronic manipulation attempts. The variant without an inner knob prevents unauthorised closing from the inside. Shaft extensions allow mounting onto doors with security fittings. The double-sided access control ensures access between areas from both directions.


The wireless networking allows a reaction to unforeseen events, offering the convenience of an online access control.


Access on card offers the greatest flexibility in the control of permissions. The card holder carries their access rights with them.

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