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Long-life, attractive door technology solutions

DORMA OGRO Lever Handles

The OGRO range of door furniture offers attractive, technically proven solutions for satisfying the most exacting demands in project builds. Through a combination of precisely matched roses and backplates, it is possible to install identical lever handles not only on timber, metal and narrow stile  doors but also on glass doors.

  • For heavy duty use on highly frequented doors in project builds
  • BS EN 1906, category of use grade 4 (2 million cycles successfully completed)
  • Modular designed system featuring 'Click and Go' technology
  • All roses and backplates with just 9mm projection
  • High-quality Satino surface finish
  • 10-year warranty and Environmental Product Declaration

Product details

For almost every design requirement

The system consists of three components offering flexible combinations: the lever handle, rose/backplate and square spindle.

The OGRO range has been compiled to meet virtually every design requirement – from modern to classic. The wide choice of lever and rose / backplate design offers positive proof of the high quality inherent in the DORMA brand.

High product demands duly satisfied

All models meet wide-ranging product demands, irrespective of design.

Aluminum      Stainless steel

Fire Protection (8mm & 9mm)   Emergency exit (9mm)

Lever design options in A offset or V cranked

Fire Rated to BS EN 1634-1 and BS EN 179 Compliant

OGRO sets are suitable for use on fire rated doors. Only compliant levers should be used with DORMA emergency exit devices and locks that are certified to BS EN 179.

With springing

All OGRO models are equipped with four springs to reliably return the handle to horizontal. OGRO handle sets for timber doors are supplied as standard with springing on one side of the door. Narrow stile sets feature springing on both sides. If required, alternative patterns may be provided. All return springs non-handed.

Available in aluminum or stainless steel

Irrespective of which material you choose, with DORMA OGRO you can be sure of getting door furniture of true contemporary elegance. The variety and quality of the surface finishes provided are in keeping with DORMA’s reputation as a stickler for high standards. The aluminum fittings are colour-anodized in accordance with our own formulations, producing a thick and even oxide layer for effective protection against weathering and wear. OGRO fittings in aluminum are available in F1 Silver/natural (mill), F2 Champagne, F3 Brass, F4 Bronze, F5 Bark bronze, RAL powder-coated, and anodized in a mock matt stainless steel finish. The stainless steel fittings themselves are available in a matt satin finish, bright-polished or PVD-coated.

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • Extensive range of lever designs and rose / backplate options to specify
  • The faint shadow joint between the lever handle and rose/backplate means that the two components appear to be one unit.
  • The high-quality Satino surface finish satisfies exacting requirements in terms of the visual quality of the furniture.
  • With all roses and backplates having a consistent projection of just 9mm, all doors can be provided with an integrated, high quality appearance.

Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • Modular system means less storage space requirement.
  • Variety of square section spindles to fit different door thicknesses – eliminates the need for ordering separate furniture sets for each major increment.
  • Identical intervals for screw and spindle lengths to simplify stocking.
  • Rated as category of use Grade 4 according to EN 1906, OGRO fittings are also readily suitable for heavy duty/high frequency applications in project builds.

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