Product Summary

Suitable for expert & quattro reversible key systems in Euro profile cylinder

dormakaba lock cylinders are fine mechanical products of high precision. If required, the cylinder can also be protected from the outside, prolonging its mechanical life.

  • Dust and insect protection for all dormakaba reversible key systems
  • Enhanced product life of lock cylinders
  • Easy retrofitting possible
  • Suitable for the following cylinder designs: Euro profile double cylinder (DZ), Half cylinder (HZ), Thumb turn knob cylinder (DKZ)
  • An extension to other cylinder designs is possible if required, as SIS is only coupled with the insert. (Insertmodularity).


SIS dust and insect protection design is available for the dormakaba gemini plus, quattro plus, expert plus and penta reversible key systems. The SIS element is optimised for its use in the Euro profile cylinders and offers effective protection against the infiltration of filth and insects in the keyway. The protection is particularly suitable for the Euro profile double cylinder (DZ), half cylinder (HZ) and thumb turn knob cylinder (DKZ) designs. Can be applied to other cylinder designs if required.

Easy retrofitting now possible
The SIS unit can be easily retrofitted since it is not a part of the the housing and is assembled directly on the insert. Thus, only the cylinder insert needs to be replaced; the rest of the cylinder is not affected by the upgrade and can be further used without modifications.

SIS – dust and insect protection

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