Product Summary

The MAGIC SWITCH is an intentional contactless microwave sensor. The opening is triggered by a simple hand movement in front of the sensor; the switch does not have to be touched enabling a hygienic opening.

  • Merely a soft touch is required for switching.
  • LED for visual confirmation
  • Hygienic and barrier-free functions
  • Extremely rugged and water-proof (IP69K)
  • Long service life (100 million switching cycles)
  • Low operating costs

Product Details

Glass Sensor Switch

The hygienic design version of the sensor switch features toughened glass, waterproof encapsulated electronics a level push and a frame element.  Suitable for use in sterile areas.

Mini LED Sensor Switch

These versatile sensor switches can be used for standard opening of the door and serve as programme switches.  Available with 3 symbols that can be assigned to different functions including:

Person: Open single-leaf door or one panel of a double-leaf door.
Bed: Open both leaves of a double-leaf door
Cleaning: Constant opening of the door
Made from toughened glass with waterproof  encapsulated electronics suitable for use in sterile areas.

Accessories for LED Sensor Switch

LED sensor buttons can be supplemented by practical accessories, making them  usable for almost all applications.

Foot LED Sensor Switch

If  activation by hand is not possible or desired, the durable foot sensor switch with a maximum load of 500kg can be used as an alternative.Made from robust stainless steel and toughened glass with water-tight encapsulated electronics suitable for use in sterile areas..

Plastic -Coated LED Sensor Switch suitble for visually imparired

This vandal-proof sensor switch offers a Braille labelling and an acoustic feedback according to universal design principles.

Made form polycarbonate with choice of cover frames in White similar to RAL 9016 or Grey similar to RAL 7043 with water-tight encapsulated electronics.

Touchless Switch
Magic Switch

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