Product Summary

The Eagle Artek Opening Sensor is suitable for use with all types of automatic doors including swing doors, sliding doors, and revolving doors.

  • Supply voltage: 12 - 24V AC +/-10%
  • (50-60Hz) 12-24V DC +30%/-10%
  • Under 1W power consumption
  • Mounting height between 1.8 - 4.0m
  • Transmitter frequency: 24.125 GHz
  • Transmitter radiated power <20 dBm EIRP
  • Transmitter power density <5 mW/cm²
  • IP54 Rated
  • Temperature range of -20°C to +55°C
  • 5cm/s minimum detection speed
  • Vertical tilt angle: 0° to 90°
  • Lateral tilt angle: -30° to +30°

Product Details

Eagle Artek is a slim and compact universal opening sensor for automatic doors that utilises microwave technology.  It provides efficient and effective one way opening and optimises opening and closing cycles.  

Setting the parameters is flexible and easy.  No need to change the antenna to adjust the detection field; shape, immunity and size as these can be adjusted using push buttons.  Everything is handled electronically.

Eagle Artek has the same fixing centres as its predecessor Eagle One for ease of replacement and upgrade.   Amongst the range of Eagle Artek accessories is a retrofit interface to allow connection to existing wiring.

Eagle Artek also offers an improvement in cross traffic rejection; it better filters out parallel movements at the door that can cause unwanted detections.

Eagle Artec Automatic Door Sensor

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