Product Summary

Safe Entry flow is a people counting system that utilises 3D and thermal imaging to capture footfall entering and exiting the premises. The system is linked to your automatic door operator, only allowing entry when the number of customers in store is within your pre-set range.

Both visible and audible signals are given via a traffic light system and sound box to guide the traffic flow. This is a networked solution with an Analytics Centre providing a wealth of valuable data for management and planning purposes. 

Product Details

Safety & Counting

dormakaba Safe Entry Flow enables retailers to meet social distancing requirements via an automatic door solution. The Safe Entry Flow module to control traffic flow is a core component of a sophisticated store management tool.


Real time occupancy tracking

Safe Entry Flow tracks the number of visitors entering and leaving the store to give an accurate figure of how many people are in a store at any given time. This number is compared with a predefined occupancy limit.

People counting is achieved via an optical counter that utilises 3D and thermal imaging rather than by the number of door openings which does not give an accurate count. By combining two imaging technologies, the counter can differentiate between people and objects such as pushchairs or store trolleys.


Control through the door

A green light at the entrance doors will indicate that the premises is still within safe occupancy limits and access will be permitted. However, once the maximum occupancy has been reached the store entrance door closes and a red light is displayed.

The store entrance then remains closed to new customers until someone leaves the store. The visual signals are complemented by audio messages that confirm the instruction.

For stores with numerous entrances and exits, optical counters are placed at each door and configured through the automatic door controller, so the doors operate in a coordinated manner.


Data/Management Information

In addition to maintaining safety via accurate counting of live occupancy level and door control,

Safe Entry Flow generates data for business analysis.

When reviewed together with sales data (generated elsewhere) it can quantify;

  • Performance of a store - sales conversion rate.
  • Benchmark stores within a group (where applicable) - Identify best performers and define areas of improvement for bad performers
  • Impact of a marketing campaign
  • Footfall data reporting by time of day establishes the best “shopper to staff ratio” and aids planning of staff rotas based on customer traffic.
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Safe Entry Flow

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