Product Summary

exivo is the access control system that makes your life simpler. It’s there for you 24 hours a day – no matter where you are.

Opening doors has never been easier: simply share the digital key in the app and let your users enter with their mobile devices.

exivo makes access control simple, secure and convenient. With our access control system, you no longer need to hand over keys in person – now you can grant access rights on the go and use your time for more important things.

Product Details

exivo is run over a cloud-based platform, accessible to you and, if necessary, your exivo supporter. You decide which tasks you wish to manage yourself and which should be hosted by your exivo support. No server, additional computer or software are required on site. We developed exivo especially for companies that need an access solution , but don’t want to waste time on managing it. After all, you prefer to focus on your core business – and not on organising access control solutions. Even if your exivo support manages everything for you, you will always have full cost control with no unpleasant surprises – thanks to fixed running and service rates.


What your exivo support does:

  • plans and maintains your system over the exivo platform
  • hosts the entire operation if you wish
  • is always available to help and advise
  • Available to remotely troubleshoot

What you get out of exivo as an entrepreneur:

  • access control system without additional software or server
  • easy and intuitive operation
  • full support and co-ordination by exivo partner
  • system always up-to-date in terms of functions and security, no expense entailed at all
  • freely choose the amount of control you or your exivo partner should have
  • cost control and transparency
  • fixed costs with no unpleasant surprises

What your employees get out of exivo:

  • ease of use and free choice of media
  • user friendly operation
  • lost keys are no problem
  • rights can be adjusted at short notice, for instance when someone has to enter the premises outside business hours or temporary employees, visitors etc. need to be granted access rights

The exivo platform takes care of everything:

  • the centrepiece of exivo
  • under continuous development
  • always up to date including state-of-the-art security technology

dormakaba is behind them all:

  • we supply complete access control infrastructures
  • we ensure that systems are up-to-date in terms of functions and security
  • we offer the experience of a technology leader with more than 150 years experience in security technology
  • we offer electronic, and mechanic locking systems
  • we manufacture standardised access media like keys (electronic or not), ID cards or RFID chips


Individual – flexible – versatile | exivo applications

From offices to coworking spaces, from retail stores to gyms, all the way to schools and municipal buildings: with exivo’s digital access control system, you can work flexibly and efficiently.

Here a few application fields:

Offices, industrial facilities, SMEs:

  • Efficient administration of access rights
  • No additional investment in specialised IT systems necessary
  • Cloud based, secure management of access control

Coworking spaces:

  • Simply and flexibly assign access rights on the go
  • Automatic reservation via your booking platform
  • Electronic key handover via mobile device
  • Save time and money

Retail stores:

  • Simply assign access rights for personnel across all locations
  • React quickly and flexibly to personnel changes
  • Open doors remotely for external suppliers

Sport and leisure:

  • Sports facilities can be used at any time of day or night
  • Simple online booking of available slots
  • Greater turnover thanks to this flexible 24/7 access solution

Schools and municipal buildings:

  • Grant access rights to specific rooms at specific times
  • Takes the pressure off employees, students and teaching staff
  • Flexibly delete, activate or replace access media
  • Increased security in all facilities


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