MS2600 & MS2900 Series Mortice Locks

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Product Summary

The new dormakaba MS2600 & MS2900 Series Mortice Locks brings together the former Dorma & Kaba mortice locks into a refined mortice lock offering with improved benefits. The MS2600 & MS2900 Series are heavy duty stainless steel mortice locks, designed, engineered and built for optimal performance across a full range of applications including education, healthcare, office, retail, municipal buildings and residential projects.   

Product Details

The mortice case, cover and faceplate are constructed of 304 grade stainless steel providing greater security than die cast mortice locks and better corrosion resistance. Moreover, the lock spindle hubs, latchbolt, deadbolt and dead latch are constructed of high grade sintered stainless steel. Springs are of high grade spring steel.

SCEC Approved
The MS2602, MS2601 & MS2601B mortice locks and has been certified to comply with the SL3 rating from SCEC.

dormakaba MS2600 Series locks conform to level SL8 (Physical Security) in accordance with Australian lock standard AS4145.2·2008.

dormakaba MS2600 Series mortice locks conform to level D8 (Durability) in accordance with Australian lock standard AS4145.2·2008.

Universal "T" shape strike plate as standard.

Anti-Lockout (Kick Off)
This function is built into the MS2602 & MS2902 Series Mortice Locks and can be easily activated or de-activated. Primary lock is supplied de-activated; refer to functions for further information.

Hold Back
The MS2602 & MS2902 offers a latch hold back function via a 130 cylinder with a hold back cam (CAM KH) ordered separately, with or without cylinder.

Rebate Kits
Rebate kits are available as accessory to convert the MS2600 & MS2900 Series Mortice Locks into a rebated unit.

Fabricator Kits
Fabricator kits are available as an accessory to accommodate installation on metal/aluminium doors and frames.

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