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Henry Cannon - Engineering Manager - Australia

Henry Cannon

I’m currently the Engineering Manager for dormakaba Australia, after initially being a Product & Production Engineer focusing on our IGS range. My role is a mix of providing technical support to different parts of our business – helping sales with special applications or technical queries from customers, helping the factory solve find ways to improve their processes & our being available to assist our product managers with technical challenges related to current or future planned products.

What is it like working for dormakaba?

Thinking about the day-to-day side of the roles I’ve had; “exciting” is not the right word but if I take a step back and think about the bigger events I’ve seen take place over 8 years, “exciting” starts to be a better fit. The Dorma+KABA merger, relocating our head office, new product launches, rebuilding our ERP system & most of all a renewed focus on continuous improvement across the business - Those things add up to a lot of interesting projects and positive changes that have kept me satisfied while working here.

What motivates you most in your work?

The challenge of turning todays problems into solutions – whether it be solving an application issue to support a sale, or helping the production team implement process improvements, there’s always a challenge to be found. A current project in Australia is the development of a Product Testing Centre which will greatly increase the ways in which the small team I manage can support the business.

What makes dormakaba special?

The people I work with and the attitudes that the company fosters are the main thing to mention here. Working together and pushing for the right solutions for our customers where there is both support and high expectations makes it a great environment to work in. Whether it’s finding a way to meet a special one-off demand or planning for big changes, the people here are always ready to help, share their experiences and look for new ways to improve. It’s a good work environment and having had a little to do with people that work for dormakaba in many different parts of the world from what I’ve seen there is a similar sentiment everywhere and knowing that helps make it feel like we are part of the same team.

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