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Anri Hegel - Service Sales Consultant

Anri Hegel

As a service sales consultant for dormakaba I reach out to businesses and people all around Perth and WA to grow our contracted customers and the preventative maintenance side of the business. My role allows me to get out and about and meet current and prospective clients and share with them, the wide array of services we offer as a global corporation. Secretly, I like to tell those who ask what I do for a living that I get paid to take people out for coffee 😉

What is it like working for dormakaba?

Working for dormakaba today is very different to when I first started with the company four years ago, we are ever evolving and that’s the exciting part about working for this company, we are progressive. We’re a busy company and you’ll hit the ground running, But we have an incredible network of support to help you reach your full potential.

What motivates you most in your work?

It would most definitely be the people I work with; we are all about supporting each other.

What makes dormakaba special?

What is really special about dormakaba is the positive working relationships you can build with people all across the country. There are people on the other side of the country that I've never met in person but yet I feel very comfortable having a friendly conversation and a laugh with, as if I've known them forever. You learn about each other’s families and histories and if it wasn’t for this company, they are people I would have never even knew existed, so I think that’s pretty special.

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