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Manage time & attendance and access rights of your workforce

Access control and data collection solutions for a wide range of applications, suitable for office or private use: benefit from flexible options. Our products offer full product compatibility and interoperability, while the software platforms address your very needs.

These are lifestyle cylinder locks with both visual and acoustic access signals. They are compact, energy efficient and extremely easy to install.

Proven solutions compatible with all common door types.

Efficient readers and access control at every access point, indoors and out.

High-performing access control solutions for organisation and security

Access Control Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

You control quickly and easily who is given access to your door.

Increase productivity by recording the presence of your employees precisely and easily.

You will find here the dormakaba solutions for connection, management and operation of dormakaba terminals along with an ERP application.

One access medium for all applications

Technologies which have been developed by dormakaba and have been incorporated into our products

Switchable and efficient power supplies

Integrations with Third party technology partners like PSIM, VMS etc.

Seamless access control between two dormakaba product offering (front of house & back of house) using a single encoding mechanism