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B-Net 95 80

A Multifunctional Kiosk Terminal that Offers a New Level of Flexibility and Performance

The B-Net 95 80 kiosk offers solutions for many applications. From employee self-service to Shop Floor Data Collection, the 95 80 has the flexibility to meet your data collection needs in the form factor of a ruggedized industrial PC.


Product details

  • High operational availability 24/7/365
  • The PC terminal doesn’t require fan and ventilation slots, considerably reducing noise levels and making it suitable for an industrial environment
  • Reinforced with robust fiberglass
  • A clear, 17” TFT display with daylight quality
  • A sensitive touchscreen terminal that can be easily operated with or without gloves
  • Ability to record personnel data, job data, machine capacity data, stock data, quality data, and maintenance data
  • Includes two integrated readers for recording data
  • Supports LEGIC readers and barcode-touch readers
  • Includes a serial interface and four USB interfaces
  • Windows-PC terminal features a built-in Ethernet interface for easy integration with existing IT infrastructures
  • Fast, powerful, and flexible customized applications
  • Ability to be used as an information terminal for displaying employee and customer personal data, training contents, and company information
  • Ability to be used as an Industrial PC, Internet station, Point-of-Sale terminal, and more
  • Employee and Manager self-service features
  • Highly configurable