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Access Control - B-Net 92 50

The compact access control manager B-Net 92 50 is especially suitable for small access operations.


Product details

  • Due to its own decision-making logic and the local storage of data, the access control unit is an autonomous device.
  • The B-Net 92 50 is generally installed in secure areas and is therefore protected from tampering or vandalism.
  • Up to four subterminals of the B-web 91 xx and B-Net 91 xx series can be connected to the control unit.
  • The control unit can store up to 50,000 master records and 100,000 posting records.
  • The access manager assists Kaba CardLink, thus facilitating the integration of standalone components such as digital cylinders into the access system.
  • All main RFID technologies including Legic and Mifare are supported.
  • The access manager can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.
  • Servicing and maintenance are done remotely using the latest web technologies.