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DORMA STA Series surface closers

The STA Series surface closers combine the versatility and flexibility of the 8900, 8600, or 7400 Series with maximum corrosion-resistance. Ideal for use in severe climate conditions, or where there is exposure to corrosive environments.

Door closer certified for ANSI Grade 1.

  • Ideal for corrosive environments
  • Backcheck standard
  • Non-handed for regular, top jamb & parallel arm applications
  • Adjustable spring sizes

Product details

Recommended applications

Recommended applications include seashore and swimming pool areas, offshore oil rigs, ships, chemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, or anywhere rust and corrosion present a problem.

Adjustable spring sizes available

  • The STA 8900 Series: spring sizes 1-6 and 5-6 +50%.
  • The STA 8600 Series: spring size 1-6.
  • The STA 7400 Series: spring sizes 1-4 and 3-6.