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DORMA SR 390 / SR 392 Door Coordinators

Surface-installed (SR 390) or concealed (SR 392) door co-ordinators for 2-leaf fire and smoke check doors

  • Non-handed
  • Surface or concealed installation
  • Ensure the correct sequence of door closing
  • Certified manufacture to ISO 9001

Product details


The DORMA SR 390 is a thoroughly proven, purely mechanical door coordinator for twinleaf fire and smoke check doors. It is face-fixed to the door frame.


The DORMA SR 392 is a co-ordinator for double-wing fire and smoke check doors. It is installed so that it is concealed either in the lintel or below the door frame. It is non-handed and is suitable for combinations of unequal door leaves. The correct closing sequence of the door leaves is always ensured by the holding arm (active leaf) and the release roller (inactive leaf).

SR 390/392 certified manufacture to ISO 9001

Officially approved by the Institute for Building Technology, Berlin, in conjunction with fire doors.