Energy-efficient folding door FFT FLEX Green

  • Automatic Sliding Door FFT FLEX Green

    1/2Automatic Sliding Door FFT FLEX Green

  • Automatic Sliding Door FFT FLEX Green

    1/2Automatic Sliding Door FFT FLEX Green

  • Automatic Sliding Door FFT FLEX Green
  • Automatic Sliding Door FFT FLEX Green

Product Summary

The first folding door that provides for maximum clear opening width of 2.4m in tight spaces. FFT FLEX Green offers outstanding thermal separation, a quiet, dynamic operation and enhanced wind load resistance. It is particularly suitable for emergency exits and escape routes.

  • Maximum clear opening widths of 2.4m in tight spaces
  • Thermal separation for energy efficiency in buildings
  • Enhanced wind load resistance
  • Increased operating smoothness and dynamic response
  • For emergency exits and escape routes
Product Details

Maximum clear opening widths in tight spaces

The wide folding door requires very small space when folded open – to the side, to the front and to the rear:
With a height of 2.5m FFT FLEX Green offers 2 options for opening doorsets:

  • Bi-parting opening doorset: up to 2.4 m
  • Unilateral opening doorset: up to 1.2 m

The folding door is suitable for both external doors and internal doors in narrow passageways as well as barrier-free access points in public buildings.

Efficient thermal separation

The thermal separation with low thermal transmittance values enables a sustainable and reliable system to support the planning of an energy efficient building. We support our customers with the computation of their specific thermal transmittance value.

Enhanced wind load resistance

The innovative operating system of FFT FLEX Green detects wind loads and compensates accordingly to guarantee a smooth opening and closing behavior.

More performance, less wear

The intelligent operator transmits its power without toothed belts for significant gains in dynamic response and silent efficiency. The doorset thus opens and closes particularly quickly, yet also quietly and with minimum wear.

For emergency exits and escape routes

Dormakaba’s proven DualDrive technology ensures emergency in any situation. A reliable opening and closing of the door is guaranteed by the fact that the system self-monitors on a continuous basis. In case of power failure an integrated battery pack provides for the reliable operation.

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